Libro GIAE (SUDS). La gestión integral del agua de lluvia en entornos edificados /Integrated Management of rainwater in built environment. Book

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Correcto aprovechamiento del agua de lluvia, bajo las premisas de la mejora ambiental, gestión hídrica adecuada, recuperación del ciclo natural del agua, prevención de problemas climáticos (inundaciones y sequías), y restauración del equilibrio natural

La gestión integral del agua de lluvia en entornos edificados. Descarga directa del libro.

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The project GIAE, related to DINA-MAR since the beginning, has a publication available already on the internet.

The publication, written in English and Spanish, responds to a complex problem: managing rainwater in built environments. Offering a set of effective measures to prevent and take advantage of this resource, most of them directly related to urban hydrogeology and artificial recharge in urban areas. The main aim is to improve urban route and regain their natural behavior before any intervention activities

Download the book: The Comprehensive Management of Rainwater in Built-up Areas.


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