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43rd IAH CONGRESS. 25-29th September, 2016. Le Corum , Montpellier, France

Los organizadores del evento facilitaron la inclusión de dos sesiones relacionadas con la técnica MAR en el próximo congreso internacional de la AIH, Montpellier, 25 a 29 de Septiembre de 2016. Descripción de las sesiones (en inglés):


Groundwater/surface water, an integrated view. Artificial recharge of aquifers, underground dams. Wastewater reuse and groundwater. Drinking water supply in Karst regions and Active Management of groundwater.

Session 6.01 - Managed Aquifer Recharge

With a trend of increasing water demand and a decreasing availability of water resources, an increasing number of aquifers are overexploited. This can have critical consequences, more especially in coastal areas. This issue will become more important considering the potential impacts of global warming. One of the key options consists of artificially recharging aquifers to stop/limit the deepening of the piezometric level and protecting environmental ecosystems of connected surface waters. It may be used to enhance recharge of rainwater or urban stormwater or as a complementary treatment prior to wastewater reuse. Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) needs to be operated effectively to produce these benefits and avoid problems. Technical issues, such as avoiding clogging, water quality deterioration, or unwanted discharge of stored water need to be addressed along with regulatory, cultural, and economic issues. With appropriate site selection and sound knowledge Managed Aquifer Recharge can be a highly effective water resources management tool.

In the present session, we are seeking contributions about the hydrogeologic and hydraulic, water quality aspects, both geochemical and microbiological, for a range of water types, (particularly urban sources). Both scientific advances and practical case studies are encouraged.

Convener: Michel Lafforgue (Suez Consulting, France, michel.lafforgue@safege.fr), Co-Chairs of IAH Commission on MAR: Peter Dillon, pdillon500@gmail.com, Weiping Wang, wangweipingwwp@126.com and Enrique Fernández Escalante, efernan6@tragsa.es

Session 6.02 - Treated Waste water REUSE for groundwater recharge: addressing the challenge

Water scarcity and the overexploitation of conventional water resources are two of the main drivers to treated wastewater (TWW) REUSE. TWW groundwater recharge projects are blooming in the world especially in coastal areas and in the Mediterranean area where increasing pressures on the resource cause deep depletion and high salinization impacts. TWW can either be directly reinjected (Korba in Tunisia) or indirectly through dedicated infiltration basins (Northern Gaza strip). This practice enables to restore groundwater in terms of quantity and quality, but also to limit salt intrusion and mitigate climate change impacts. TWW could then be pumped from the groundwater for indirect surface reuse like agricultural irrigation. Ground properties are used and considered as a way to improve TWW quality (Korba in Tunisia) but most of the time much attention is often paid to TWW quality (pathogens, salinity, etc.) prior to recharge to avoid groundwater contamination.

In this session, we are seeking contributions about feedback from pilot- of full-scale experience on the risks and benefits of such practices regarding regulatory, environmental, social and sanitary conditions both on the qualitative and quantitative sides. This session will also focus on methodologies (cost-benefits Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, environmental impact assessment…) and development of decision support tools to asses and design the TWW groundwater recharge as a success factor for the water circular economy.

Convener: Nicolas CONDOM (PhD, Ecofilae -www.ecofilae.fr, France, nicolas.condom@ecofilae.fr)


En julio de 2018 los organizadores han subido a internet las ponencias del Congreso:


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